British Swimming Strategy 2018-2024

The 2018-2024 strategy document is the next step in our journey of building on our successes.

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The Olympics and Paralympics provide all sports with a global opportunity to celebrate the amazing moments that inspire us all. British Swimming has the task to nurture and to support the swimmers, divers and para-swimmers responsible for those medal-winning moments.

We also have a wider responsibility to work with the home nations and the whole of aquatics in the UK to ensure a healthy, growing sport. Elite success can inspire participation but only if the whole sport works together to maximise the opportunity.

The purpose of this document is to provide an overarching vision for British Swimming linked to the different disciplines. Performance sport thrives best when individuals and teams have clarity of purpose. Our individual disciplines display this every day in training and competition. However, that relentless focus needs to sit within this vision and provide inspiration to the whole sport.

We have a new vision within this strategy and a set of values. Vision and strategy are only effective if they drive both culture and planning. The vision and values will be incorporated into our marketing and annual planning processes. We shall also work with the home nations and stakeholders across the sport to ensure effective strategic alignment and continual collaboration.

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