Licence your meet with World Para Swimming

To licence an event with World Para-Swimming you need to apply through British Swimming and they apply on your behalf. 

The licensing of swim meets with World Para-Swimming allows swimmers’ times achieved at these competitions to be added to the World Para-Swimming (WPS) Rankings. Once a license has been granted by WPS, it will allow any athlete with a WPS licence to claim a European or World record (subject to meeting all of the criteria laid out in the relevant rules). Only athletes with a valid WPS licence can claim European and/or World records.

At this time, as the recognised body, it is only British Para-Swimming who can make license applications to WPS. Therefore licensing applications for all domestic meets (such as County, Regional, District, National Championships and club Open Meets) must be done through British Para-Swimming.

All applications for competition approval must be fully completed and submitted to British Para-Swimming via email to at least 10 weeks (70 days) prior to the commencement of the competition for the application to be considered.

If World Para Swimming officials (classifiers and/or technical officials) are requested, the application has to be submitted by 31 July of the year prior to the competition to be held between January and June. For competitions between July and December, an application must be submitted by 15 January of the same year.

Only record applications submitted from approved competitions will be eligible for swimmers’ record performance times to be considered for ratification for world/regional records.

Only times of licensed athletes will be considered for records and inclusion into the World Para Swimming rankings.

World Para-Swimming rules state that there is a fee of €80.00 and the application must be completed and approved by them 42 days before the start of the competition.


To access the relevant application form, click here.

To access the full meet licensing protocol, click here.

To access the results template, click here.