British Swimming publishes guidance on Water Polo rule changes

26 Nov 2022

British Swimming, the national governing body for Water Polo in Great Britain, has published guidance about the forthcoming FINA water polo rule changes.

FINA Technical Congress met on 4th October 2022 and approved a set of changes to the water polo rules.  These changes will come into force on 1st January 2023.  See here for more details.

FINA rules apply to all water polo competitions promoted by Swim England, Scottish Swimming, Swim Wales and their affiliated organisations.  The new rules will apply only to competitions and league programmes that commence after 1st January 2023.  Current competitions and league programmes should continue to apply the FINA 2019-21 rules.

The British Swimming Water Polo Delegates Group, in conjunction with GB FINA Referees, will issue further guidance on how the new rules are to be applied across all domestic competitions.  Promoters can request a derogation from British Swimming if they wish to vary a specific FINA rule in their competition.

For further enquiries please contact Chris Stephens, Technical Officials lead for the British Water Polo Leadership Group.
mobile: +44(0) 7850 275868